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ABOUT - Long Version

1970 - 1975

a) Daniel Maurer (later known as Mike Boss) is born in Toronto, Canada, in 1970. - (See pic a)

b) Daniel is the second child.  His brother, Stefan is 20 months older. - (See pic b)

c) Shortly after Daniel's brother was born, their Swiss parents, Peter and Esther, move back to Switzerland. - (See pic c)

d) The family settles down on a farm in the Canton Baselland near Basel. - (See pic d)

e) Daniel lives at this secluded farm for the next 10 years.  It's a great place for kids to grow up. - (See pic e)

1975 - 1980

a) At the age of six, Daniel attends Kindergarten in Lausen.  It's a long way down to the village.

b) After one year of Kindergarten, Daniel attends Junior High school for the next five years.

c) Daniel is a good student with good grades and an exceptional talent for sports.

d) Daniel's father encourages him and his brother to start doing gymnastics.  Daniel soon excels and starts winning competitions.

e) Daniel enjoys a happy childhood and spends most of his time outside the farm with his brother and his two cousins.

1980 - 1985

a) At the age of eleven, Daniel's parents divorce.  He and his brother move down to the village with their mother and visit their father every other weekend on the farm.

b) Daniel (#65 in the picture below) switches from gymnastics to track & field and soon becomes a multiple medal winner.  Daniel also skateboards, plays soccer, baseball, volleyball, ping-pong, and skies in the winter time.

c) Daniel's father is devastated by the divorce and a few years later leaves Switzerland and emigrates to northern California (Scotts Valley).

d) After finishing Junior High school, Daniel starts four more years of secondary school in Liestal, Baselland.

e) After watching his first Arnold Schwarzenegger movie 'Commando', Daniel is inspired and starts weight training.

1985 - 1990

a) In spite of declining grades, Daniel successfully finishes 9 years of school and graduates in 1986.

b) Daniel (16 years old) and his brother Stefan are excited to visit their father in AMERICA!!  "Yay!!"  A few weeks later, after traveling and learning about the American culture, Daniel falls in loves with the openness, the friendliness, and especially the optimistic attitudes of the Americans.  Daniel: "I love it here!  My soul feels at home!!"

c) Back in Switzerland and completely unsure about his future career path, Daniel is persuaded to start a 4-year apprenticeship to become a certified Civil Engineer Designer.  Daniel: "All my aspirations in regard to pursuing acting or sports or any other creative activities where immediately dismissed by the career counselor and a more "realistic" approach was suggested to me.  I was 16 years old and ultimately agreed to pursue an architectural career."  For the next four years, Daniel works at the engineer office "Blattner" in Sissach where he gets treated by his boss (Thomas Blattner) like a second-class citizen.  Every day Daniel sits joyless at his desk for 8 1/2 hours and gets scolded and intimidated to the point where Daniel starts questioning the purpose of life.  Four years later, and in spite of his pessimistic work environment, Daniel successfully receives his diploma in 1990.

d) Daniel turns 20 and it's time for the mandatory Swiss military service.  Right before Daniel joins the military, his boss makes him sign a contract saying that it was necessary in order for Daniel to receive some money during his military service.  Daniel: "I asked my boss if I could read the contract, but he says that there wasn't any time and that it was an industry standard thing anyway."  Daniel signs the contract and joins the Swiss military.  After 17 weeks, Daniel successfully completes his service and subsequently returns to his old,  boring office job.

e) Back at the office, things get even worse than before.  Daniel's boss acts like a miserable tyrant who aims to make everyone else at the office unhappy as well.  Daniel: "Everybody hated our boss and everybody hated our work environment, but nobody would speak up, so I did!"  Daniel summons all his courage and confronts his boss, but it was quickly pointed out to him that he's signed a contract that would LOCK him IN for another 2 years!  Daniel: "That was bad news, and the only way to get out of this contract was to pay back all the money I've received during my military service, which was about $10k.  At this point, life really started to look miserable and pointless."  Daniel starts observing life around him much closer now and soon realizes that most of his friends and acquaintances feel exactly the same way; They all seem to hate their workweek and are only happy when they can get drunk over the weekend in order to forget that they have to go back to work on Monday.  Now Daniel starts to question what life is all about even more.

1990 - 1995

a) After another miserable week at the office, Daniel reaches the precipice and knows that something needs to change. In a desperate attempt to raise money to buy himself free from his agonizing working contract, Daniel gets involved in burglarizing unoccupied businesses and a few months later ends up in jail for a 4-day interrogation.  After doing a lot of thinking in jail, Daniel makes an important decision; He wants to change his life and become a better man and therefore decides to admit every single offense (over a dozen) even though the police could only prove one single burglary.  Daniel is sentenced to a hefty fine and two years probation.  Daniel corrects his wrongdoings by starting to pay back all the victimized companies (about $20,000 total).  From now on, Daniel makes a conscious effort to distance himself from all negativity and starts to pursue happiness on his own term.  He soon realizes that pursuing happiness is not a widespread or supported concept in Switzerland.  Daniel: "In general, Swiss people are mainly concerned about money and vacation time, they thrive on pessimism and therefore live in subconscious  fear and therefore always choose security over happiness."

b) For the next two years, Daniel goes back to work at the office and keeps his head low, while paying off his debts and working out at the gym six days a week.  Finally, two years later, Daniel's work contract expires, he tells his boss off in an epic rant and turns in his notice.  Two months later, Daniel is finally FREE and takes on a night-shift job at the local newspaper factory.  His happiness level rises.  Three months later the job comes to an end and Daniel becomes unemployed.  He enjoys the freedom and collects his unemployed money of a staggering $2.5k a month.  During that time, Daniel brainstorms to find a way to make money in a different and more fun way.  Since Daniel has been working out so much, he has developed an amazing physique.  He considers modeling.

c) A bit insecure, but motivated, Daniel submits a few pictures of himself to a newspaper modeling ad.  A few days later, Daniel gets a phone call from photographer Jose Messana from Zürich.  Daniel is excited, travels to Zürich for the interview and soon thereafter becomes one of the most photographed body models in Switzerland using his new name MIKE.

d) Two years and many pictures later, Mike has developed into a pro with a liking for posing and performing.  At one of the photo shoots, Mike runs into another model, Clemens.  The two have a lot of things in common and decide to partner up in order to create a men strip show for women, ABDOMINIS is born.  The small group of three performs at nightclubs, private parties, weddings, birthday parties and other special events.  Mike has a blast and his happiness level rises again.

e) What??  Mike receives an amazing phone call from his photographer, Jose Messana who tells him that pop star Madonna has apparently seen Mike in a magazine and now inquires about him to possibly be in her next movie... Wow!  A few hours later, Madonna's assistant from New York calls and Mike hands over the phone to his mom who speaks fluent English.  The people are very nice, ask a lot of questions about Mike and wanna see more pictures.  After a few months of back and forth, plans change.  Madonna goes on world tour and the movie project is postponed... and ultimately never happens.  But Mike is not disappointed or discouraged by this, quite the opposite, Mike knows that he wouldn't have been ready for something like that anyway, BUT more importantly, Mike's inner dream of becoming an actor in Hollywood is now unlocked!! - First step, visit Los Angeles.

1995 - 2000

a) After vacationing in Los Angeles for a couple of months, Mike returns back to Switzerland with a newfound inspiration.  It’s not an easy decision, but Mike sells everything he owns and says good-bye to all his friends and family.  With a new name, MIKE BOSS, two suitcases, seven thousand dollars and a dream, Mike is off to America (See the documentary film The Dreamers, which captures the first ten years of Mike's journey).  Mike’s first stop is in Scotts Valley where his remarried father lives.  Because Mike’s stepmother is American, and Mike wasn’t 16 years of age yet when they got married, Mike qualifies to apply for a green card.  Mike prepares the endless paperwork and starts to learn English.  Three months later, and after standing in line at the immigration several times for over 15 hours, Mike receives his "Permanent Resident" card valid for one year.   Mike is excited and finally leaves toward Hollywood.  Five hours later Mike arrives in Los Angeles. – YAY!!  Mike is overwhelmed and happier than ever, but he's also aware that he's all alone and needs to start all the way from the bottom; Mike needs to find an apartment, he needs to get a mattress, a refrigerator, a phone, a bank account, a job, and he needs to improve his English and learn about the entertainment business.

b) Mike finds a studio apartment for $490.00 right on Hollywood Boulevard.  A few weeks later, Mike starts working as a background actor in movies and TV shows.  Mike: "This was unbelievably exciting!  Although I was only an extra, I was in the middle of it all and earned about $32.00 for 8 hours."  After a year of doing extra work, Mike qualifies to join the actors union, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).  Mike doesn't hesitate, invests all his money ($1180.00) and joins the union.  Mike attends his first acting class, which is a life-changing experience, while continuing doing extra work where he now earns $79.00 for 8 hours.  Over a period of two years, Mike works in over 200 movies, TV shows and commercials.  You can see Mike in TV shows like "Baywatch" and "Married with Children" and in movies like "Primal Fear" and "Jerry Maguire" with Tom Cruise etc.  One day, as Mike works as an extra on the TV show "Clueless", the director asks him to say a LINE!  Mike: "To actually SAY a line in a TV show is a BIG DEAL for every actor, because your contract turns from an extra into a "professional" actor called "day-player.  This not only results in more money, but also in receiving residuals.  I was asked to say: "Hey, hotdog, slow down!!"  After this exciting experience and, since Mike’s English and acting skills have improved, he starts sending out hundreds of head-shots to agencies and managers in order to seek representation.  Mike also submits himself to countless acting auditions, but rarely ever gets called in.  In order to make some extra money, Mike starts working as a delivery driver for a Swiss bakery. 

c) Mike sees a casting notice by a producer who is looking for a fit actor who speaks Swiss-German.  Mike: "What?  Now if that is not perfect!"  Mike applies and soon thereafter meets the producer Roman, a fellow countryman from Wallis, Switzerland who's planning to do some TV show for Switzerland.  Unfortunately, the Swiss TV station is not interested, but at least Mike and Roman have found each other and have a lot in common; both left Switzerland for a more fulfilling live, both have aspirations of becoming actors in Hollywood, both live below the poverty line and have hardly enough money to eat, BUT Mike and Roman also share a sense of FREEDOM and HAPPINESS that they have never experienced before.  After pondering on that fact, the two suddenly have an idea to develop a concept for the very first Swiss Reality Show entitled "Hollywood Boulevard" about two regular Swiss guys struggling in Hollywood to become actors.  The reality show shall encourage the Swiss youth to follow their own dreams, to think positive, and to never give up instead of simply settle for an unhappy life.  Mike: "One needs to note that all this was many years before the boom of "Reality Shows" happened!"  Roman and Mike invest hundreds of hours to develop the concept and even shoot the pilot episode.  After all that, the two invest their last money to fly to Switzerland in order to conduct a test-screening of the pilot episode to a Swiss audience.  Mike: "The feedback was overwhelming!  98% of the audience showed great interest and stated that they would most definitely watch such a reality show."  Mike and Roman set an appointment with the Swiss TV network and present their show idea.  Unfortunately, Mike and Roman forgot about the Swiss's pessimistic attitude to "new" things and therefore get turned down.  Mike: "It was sad, but the Swiss network completely failed to see the potential of this very first reality show!  Also, they completely ignored the overwhelmingly positive feedback we've received from the test audience!  Sorry to say, but that's typical Swiss."

d) Back in Los Angeles, Mike and Roman go back to work, add a third team member, Robert Kunovitz, and together change the concept into a German reality TV series.  Many months and about $10k later, the new concept was ready to be pitch to several German networks.  Unfortunately, even the Germans fail to recognize the potential and turn the idea down.  But Mike and Roman refuse to give up and keep believing and predicting that the BOOM of reality shows will happen!!  After it becomes obvious that the entire European TV market doesn’t see the potential, Mike and Roman work on changing the concept once again, this time into an international TV series entitled "Hollywood Dreams", which shall feature an upcoming acting star from Germany, one from Spain, one from France, one from Italy and one from Switzerland etc.  The new slogan: “It’s not about fame, it’s about passion!”   In order to further develop this show idea and pitch it to the American market, Roman and Mike hustle many months in order to find investors.  The two ultimately succeed and find three investors who together pony up $68.000 dollars. 

e) Two years of hard work and $68k later, Mike and Roman have a written pilot episode, a one-sheet and a new trailer.  The two start pitching the show in Hollywood (Guerrilla style with no agent).  Months and countless rejections later, Mike and Roman feel a bit discouraged when an unexpected phone call from Paramount Television suddenly changes everything.  Paramount has apparently recognized the potential of the TV show and ends up optioning the concept!  Mike: "Wow, this was an incredible moment!  Even though Paramount optioned the show for free, we were all very excited!  It looked like we finally, after so many years, got our breakthrough!"  Paramount explains that their plan is to meet the German media group "KirchGroup" at the upcoming Cannes TV market and get them to agree to co-produce the series with Paramount.  Mike and Roman are excited as Paramount leaves to France to attend the TV market.  But two weeks later, Mike and Roman get informed that the deal fell through because of "political problems" between Paramount and Germany.  Mike and Roman lose everything (office, computer, money) and they must start again from zero.  Only a year later, the big BOOM of reality shows indeed happens everywhere around the world.  Mike: "We knew it and Paramount knew it, but nobody else wanted to listen."

Mike: "Btw, this entire story is told in my documentary "The Dreamers."

2000 - 2005

a) After having discussed and analyzed life for many years, Mike and Roman can clearly see a huge difference in attitude between Americans and Europeans.  The Americans in general have a "can-do" attitude, think big, think optimistic, and believe in their own dreams.  Europeans in general have a "can't-do" attitude, think much smaller, think pessimistic, and don't really believe in their own dreams (if they even have any).  Mike and Roman are convinced that following one's dreams, discovering who you really are, and finding meaning in life is a stairway to heaven.  Considering the widespread pessimism and the high suicide rate in Switzerland, Mike and Roman are compelled to write an inspiring screenplay for Switzerland that shall encourage young people to follow their own dreams, to think positive, and to never give up.  Furthermore, and in order to proof to the Swiss that this is NOT about money, Mike and Roman decide that any profit of the film shall be donated to any charity or non-profit organization that helps underprivileged kids.  Mike and Roman start writing the screenplay and a few months later finish their first draft of a the script titled THE DREAMERS.  Again, the feedback from friends in the U.S. and from overseas is overwhelming!  Everybody is inspired and they seem encouraged to take another look at their own unfulfilled dreams and desires!  Unaware of the huge backlash that's gonna happen, Mike and Roman innocently contact dozens of Swiss companies for financing and apply for a film grant through the Swiss Government's cultural department.

b) A big shocker!  9/11 happens!!!  What a terrible day!  The news reports on TV are never-ending and a lot of people say a lot of different things.  But what exactly is the truth of it and what is this really all about?  Since Mike doesn't simply believe what is being said on mainstream media, Mike embarks on his own journey to learn about politics, a decision that will consume over 10,000 hours during the next ten years.  Mike: "At this time I was still working as a delivery driver for the Swiss bakery, so I spent many hours on the road (stuck in traffic), and that's when I suddenly discovered "Talk Radio", which completely changed my life and my world view.  I'd say that the biggest inspiration and the biggest source of wisdom came from Dennis Prager!"

c) Many years of acting class has made Mike into a pretty good actor.  He has had leading roles in theater plays and small parts in independent films, but becoming a real, paid, working actor in Hollywood is a different story.  Dedication, talent, luck, and most of all "industry connections" seem to be the key.  Since Mike lacks industry connections, he hopes to get some recognition through the planned THE DREAMERS film.  Mike also realizes that having a slight accent that can't be clearly placed as typical German or French or Italian etc. is a death-sentence in Hollywood.  Furthermore, Mike seems to have already outgrown Hollywood's superficiality and is increasingly disappointed by all the "crap" Hollywood produces.  Mike: "There are not many appealing parts, TV shows or movies that are inspiring or worth being in it."  This is just another reason for Mike to keep trying to produce his own stuff.

d) What???  In spite of all the positive feedback Mike and Roman have received for their screenplay "The Dreamers", all the Swiss companies decline their support.  But it gets worse, even the Swiss Government denies a film grant and refuses to support the project and its message by not only claiming that "Dreams are a thing of puberty!"  but also by claiming that Mike and Roman's U.S. address doesn't qualify them to apply for a film grant in the first place.  Mike and Roman can't believe the Government's reasoning since they made sure beforehand that they would qualify to apply and since this fact was already confirmed by the Swiss Government in writing!  Mike and Roman decide to appeal the decision, which results in a huge and controversial, two-year long, legal-dispute with the Swiss Government.  After all is said and done, Mike leads a demonstration in Switzerland against the Swiss Government's corrupt legal system (see the amazing "The Dreamers" documentary).  All in all, Mike and Roman get turned down 952 times for their "Dreamers" project and, to make matters worse, Mike's heart gets broken by a Swiss-Girl and he suffers from the worst depression imaginal for over a year.

e) While recovering from his depression, Mike feels some new inspiration to write a spiritual boxing film with the intention to write the lead part for himself.  One year and many rewrites later, Mike's screenplay "The 13th Round" is finished and receives high praises from screenplay judges and even wins an award.  Mike spends over a thousand hours developing the project; He forms a company with operating agreement and articles of organization, he creates a full-fledged business plan with subscription agreement and private placement memorandum, he explores dozens of financing options, he sends out hundreds of letters to production companies, agents and producers, he creates and launches an official movie website and even takes boxing lessons etc.  After 5 years of incredible hard work, Mike makes some inroads and even manages to spark Paul Newman's interest to play the boxing coach, but all this is still not enough to get the project off the ground.  Only one thing is for sure; Mike has a talent for screenwriting.

2005 - 2010

a) Having learned so much about politics and subsequently about American values, Mike has realized that the European media and the left-leaning American media are not only bias and distorted, but they're playing on people's emotions in order to push an agenda.  Mike is determined to become an American Citizen as soon as possible in order to be able to vote and to take a stand for American values.  Mike submits all the paperwork, passes all the tests and becomes a proud U.S. Citizen on June 23rd 2005.

b) After the controversy with the Swiss Government, Mike still feels that the Dreamers-project isn't resolved.  After pondering about it for weeks, Mike decides to make use of all the footage (many hours!) and produce a motivating and inspiring no-budget documentary film about his entire journey, putting forth the philosophy that following ones dream is a stairway to heaven.  After learning the basic skill of editing, Mike sits in front of the computer for many months until it's done.  After releasing the documentary, Mike gets flooded with emails from Switzerland and from around the world.  Mike: "I suddenly realized that the story we wanted to tell in our Dreamers movie worked even better through this "real-life" documentary film!!  After so many years I was finally able to put this protect behind me and move on."  Since Mike has listened to Dennis Prager for so many years, he sends him a letter with a DVD of "The Dreamers."  Mike: "He probably won't have time to watch it, but if he would, I'm convinced he would love it."

c) By now Mike works three different jobs; In the morning Mike delivers for the Swiss bakery all over town, in the afternoon Mike works as a dish-washer, and in the evening Mike works as a personal trainer.  Whenever Mike is not working, he increasingly enjoys the process of screenwriting.  Mike: "Not only can writing be done at home, alone (compared to acting), but a screenplay also provides the ultimate foundation of a great movie."  Mike continues to write and finishes a couple more screenplays ranging from a touching family film to a nail-biting thriller to an out-of-the-box science fiction story.  Mike's writing can be seen here.

d) Mike and Roman resurrect their TV show concept one more time and change it into the FIRST Swiss Web-Series "Hallo Hollywood" with Mike as the head-writer and Yangzom Brauen as the host.  After writing 21 episodes and after finding investors, the two start casting and pre-production, then filming and editing etc. until the 21 episodes are done.  After pitching the show to Switzerland again, one of the biggest Swiss media platforms, BLICK agrees to stream the series online.  Mike: "Of course, nobody wouldn't pay us anything, but at least the country would see our show."  Every aired episode is more successful and receives more "clicks" than the one before... it's slowly taking off!  At this point, Mike and Roman suggest that, in order to keep the momentum going, Blick should finance the second season in order to make this show go viral!  But, the pessimistic Swiss, as always, get cold feet, act indecisively, fumble around for about 4 months and finally decide to discontinue the show.  Mike: "So typical and so lame, as always!"  Mike decides that this will be the last time that he will ever produce anything creative for Switzerland again.


e) Wow, a nice surprise!!  Mike gets an unexpected phone call from... DENNIS PRAGER!!  Although it has been a year since Mike sent Dennis a DVD of "The Dreamers", Dennis and his wife have watched the whole thing and they absolutely loved it.  Dennis compliments Mike and calls him a "Hollywood Hero!"  Mike: "Wow, that was an amazing honor!"  After all this excitement, Mike meets the most beautiful girl, Jessica in acting class and believes that she could be "The One."  The two start spending more and more time together and ultimately become close friends.  A year later the two become a couple, then, two years later, Mike proposes to her and  the answer is a teary YES!!!

2010 - 2015

a) Mike faces the same conundrum in screenwriting than in acting; Having talent helps, but without industry connections and a good portion of luck, nothing will ever happen, unless you succeed pulling something off by yourself (like Mike has been trying for 15 years).  Since nobody in Hollywood excepts unsolicited scripts and nobody is really willing to read anything by an unknown writer, Mike has already been turned down as a screenwriter a few hundred times.  But Mike knows better, persists and sends out about 780 letters and e-mails looking for literary representation.  After being turned down another 779 times, Mike receives a phone call from a small literary Manager who is interested in Mike and ends up signing him as a writer (It's a good start, but doesn't really mean anything yet).  Stats: There are about 50,000 new screenplays written every year.  That means that every five years there will be 250,000 MORE screenplays floating around in Hollywood (on top of what's already out there!).  Every year only a small handful of screenplays are produced (and most of them are developed 'in-house' by the big studios).  The odds are minuscule, about 5000 to 1.  But, in spite of all that, Mike pushes forward with his writing career, because it's what he loves to do!

b) A wonderful and fantastic day!  Mike and Jessica get married on July 24th, 2011 in Marina Del Rey on a beautiful yacht.  Mike's family flies in from Switzerland and Jessica's family from Texas and Nigeria.  The wedding is a truly amazing event!  Mike and Jessica sing their wedding vows and everybody has a blast!  Check out the wedding page for a great wedding video.

c) Mike and Jessica are lucky to find a great and affordable bungalow in North Hollywood and move in together.  Jessica is extremely determined and works unbelievably hard to make her dream of being a working actress in Hollywood come true.  Mike shares her determination, works as a personal trainer and keeps writing and writing and writing...

d) After ten years of studying politics, Mike's ideology and worldview has come into much greater focus.  Everything is much easier to understand now.  Mike has taken an interest in everything from domestic policies, to foreign policies, to global economics and to American-, European-, and Islamic value systems etc.  Mike is painfully aware that there are two different America's; One side promotes bigger Government, higher taxes, secularism, feeling-based policies, income distribution, open border policies, and a welfare state ideology etc.  The other side promotes smaller Government, lower taxes, traditional American Judeo-Christian values, thought-based policies, secure borders, and a self-reliance ideology etc.  Mike believes that the re-election of Obama was one of America's biggest mistakes in politics.

e) After thousands of hours of writing, pitching and promoting, Mike options two of his screenplays and signs a shopping agreement for another four of his screenplays.  Mike's screenplay, CHECKMATE also WINS first place in the popular BREAKING WALLS THRILLER SCREENPLAY CONTEST!  Could this be the long-awaited breakthrough??  Well, many months later, it becomes evident that even those amazing achievements won't have an impact on Mike's career!  Mike: "It's tough to see other people with less talent get paid $150k to simply re-write a script in six weeks.  I could do this in my sleep, but the difference is that they have the necessary CONNECTIONS, which I don't have.  But again, I'm extremely happy with my life, I'm literally LIVING MY DREAM and I think financial success is just a matter of time."

2015 - 2020

a) To this day Mike has written about 20 feature screenplays and was optioned an astounding 11 times, but the big breakthrough can only happen if one of the companies who optioned the script actually RAISES the money to finance and produce the film (this has not happened yet).  Mike takes action and writes, produces and directs his first short film entitled Inimicus (Personal Enemy) with Jessica playing the lead role.  The  film is shot in two days for a budget of $2.5k and Jessica does a fantastic acting job!

b) A small breakthrough: Out of 35 screenwriters, Mike gets chosen to adapt a book into a screenplay.  The book is titled "Charmed by Darkness" and is based on a true story about the life of Roger Morneau, a former demon worshiper who became a Christian author and prayer warrior.  Mike gets paid $15k for the job, which makes this his highest paid writing gig so far.  Mike does a lot of research into the dark world of demon-worshipping.  Mike: "While I was emerged into the subject of demons and the devil as well as prayers and God, I suddenly felt a strong urge to officially, and out of my free will, get baptized again and accept Jesus as my savior!"  On October 25th, 2015, Mike gets officially baptized by pastor Jospeh Barkley at his local church in North Hollywood.  A few weeks later, Mike delivers his screenplay to the producer who couldn't be happier and more pleased with Mike's work.  Unfortunately, as it usually is the case, the producers never find the money to actually produce the film.  The next morning, an amazingly and wonderful CAT suddenly shows up at Mike and Jessica's bungalow complex.  The cat is clearly looking for a new home and once she sees Mike & Jessica, it's love at first sight and Lucy instantly becomes a part of the family!

c) Politics in the U.S. is heating up.  Having followed politics for over 15 years, Mike gets more and more concerned about the deterioration of society's moral values and about the country being destroyed (or "fundamentally transformed" as Obama put it) by left-wing politicians, left-wing activists, left-wing policies, and left-wing media.  Also, the unprecedented level of corruption on the left (Obama & Hillary & FBI & DOJ etc.) is staggering and gets covered up by the left-wing mainstream media on a daily bases.  To Mike and to millions of other Americans it seems that only one man can safe this country... "Hold on to your seats!!"  Yes, DONALD J. TRUMP!! - (GASP! - GASP!) - Six months before the election, Mike predicts and bets $100 that Donald Trump will become the next President... Turns out Mike is right, wins $400 and enjoys the greatest election-night ever!!  No, Mike is not a racist or a Nazi (And neither is President Trump) he's simply an informed citizen who cares about this country!  After the election, the LEFT really shows its true colors!  Mike: "I don't hate the left, I simply think they're misguided, indoctrinated and way too emotional."

d) Mike ponders about his career and questions if he should embark on writing yet another screenplay.  An hour later, he gets an email from a friend, Peter Fuhman who suggests that they should team up to shoot one of Mike's screenplays.  Mike happily agrees and teams up with his wife and Peter Fuhrman.  The three found a production company called NailDriver Productions and then select the perfect script for this venture.  The team picks Mike's micro-budget feature screenplays titled Anonymous 616, which is a psychological thriller/horror film with a Conservative message.  Four months and thousands of hours of hard work later, the film is in the can with Mike as a "first time" feature film director.  Another 8 months later the film is finally completed on an astoundingly small budget of only $27k.  Mike: "Wow, this was the most stressful and most exhausting time of my life.  The pressure and responsibilities were insane and at one point I was on my feet for 43 hours!"  In the meantime, the film has won multiple awards including "Best Film" and is now available in over 80 countries around the world on most digital platforms like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, VUDU, YouTube etc.  Mike: "Producing Anonymous 616 was definitely a huge success and a huge accomplishment, but in spite of having distribution and having the film in over 80 countries and having won multiple awards and having had hundreds of thousands of people watch the film, we haven't made one dollar profit yet.  During the last two years the film has grossed about $21k, which is still not in the profit margin.  It's tough to make a profit if companies like Amazon pays the filmmakers only a meager $0.01 CENT per view!!" 

e) Through YouTube, Mike learns about the #WalkAway movement, which is about disillusioned left-wingers walking away from the Democratic party!  Mike is so touched and inspired by those patriotic testimonials that he creates a compilation video of 25 testimonials.  Three hours later, Mike gets a phone call from Brandon Straka, the founder of the #WalkAway movement, who expresses great enthusiasm for Mike's video.  A few weeks later, Mike creates several more #WalkAway compilation videos, including "The Great Awakening - Breaking the Chains of the Democratic Party" which was mentioned on many TV networks like Fox News and has been shown at selected movie theaters and has gathered close to one million views on different social networking platforms!

2020 - 2025

a) After watching 3 1/2 years of non-stop lies about President Trump coming from the left-wing media, Mike has had enough and decides to finally write a screenplay about politics.  This is a very unique, experimental film project that shall be shot in only 2 1/2 days for only about $5k during the global pandemic, something other filmmakers say was impossible.  After one month of writing and over a thousand hours of intense pre-production (80-90 hours a week), the project is ready to be filmed.  Mike: "Producing a right-leaning film in Hollywood is not an easy task.  We had zero support and had to re-cast 14 times, because most actors got cold feet and where afraid that they would never work in Hollywood again!  So much about the left being tolerant, open-minded and compassionate, right?  It's all a LIE!"   After finding the perfect cast and crew, the team shoots the film in 2 1/2 days and subsequently release the movie in September 2020 right before the presidential election.  Although the film gets immediately boycotted by Facebook and other social media platforms, the feedback from patriotic Americans who watch the film is overwhelming! (And this includes Debbie and Dinesh D'Souza!!)  Finally a movie patriots can cheer about!!  Also, Brandon Straka has a small guest appearance in the film as well!  Here's the film's official Website - Also available directly on Amazon

Mike: "It really baffles me that we still have people who proudly identify themselves as being Democrats!  The ignorance is staggering!  The left is clearly anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-Capitalism, anti-Gun, anti-Business, anti-Free Speech, anti-Police, anti-Christmas, anti-Religion, anti-Thanksgiving, and often anti-Baby and even anti-God!  Did I forget anything? - LOL"

b) Mike gets hired by the #WalkAway team for the next 6 months as an editor for promotional videos.  One of Mike's latest video just got retweeted by President Trump!!  Also, as predicted, the presidential election was clearly stolen by the Democrats.  The proof is overwhelming and whoever denies it needs to examine their own heart and brain!  Mike is patient and knows that the American people will ultimately set things right!  Jessica also had enough and records and shares her own #WalkAway testimonial video, which quickly gathered 85k views! 

c) Gloria Barrack, an old friend of Mike's, has a life-changing surprise for him.  Mike: "It's confidential for now, but I want to honor Gloria by mentioning her name and posting a picture of her in my diary.  R.I.P. Gloria!"

d) Mike gets a phone call with the sad news that his father, Peter Maurer, has passed away on January 09, 2022 at 22:47.  Mike's father was 77 years old and has had the Parkinson's Disease for about 20 years.  Mike & Jessica drive up to Scotts Valley to take care of things and to hold a small Memorial Service (Video) to celebrate Peter's life!

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