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God is above everything!


The purpose of life is to find your purpose, and once you have found your purpose, you'll realize that everybody has a different purpose for the same purpose! - by Mike Boss


Do not have expectations!


Everything is energy, even your thoughts!


Make political decisions with your brain and not your feelings!


Be grateful!


Never compare yourself to others if it makes you feel bad!


It all comes down to faith!


Be an optimist!


America IS exceptional!


Don't have a victim mentality!

Actions matter far more than thoughts or feelings!

There is no wisdom without God!

Human beings are not basically good!

We do have free will!

Life is not what happens to you, life is what you do with what happens to you!

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

E pluribus unum - Liberty - In God we Trust

Violence and stupidity is a dangerous combination!

Equality of outcome is a brainless idea!

Be careful: "Familiarity breeds contempt"

Men and women ARE different!



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