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When Mike left Switzerland, he never intended to become a film director, but after pursuing acting and screenwriting for so many years, things have changed.  Mike has worked closely together with some director-friends on many commercials, short films and web-series and has gained great insights in all aspects of the film industry.  In 2008, Mike produced and "directed" a feature-length, no-budget documentary The Dreamers about his own journey from Switzerland to Hollywood.  Then, in 2015, Mike wrote, produced and directed his first short film Inimicus about a rape victim.  In 2017, Mike was encouraged to direct his very first, micro-budget feature film Anonymous 616, which is a psychological thriller/horror film.  The film was released in April 2018 and has since won multiple awards and is available on most digital platforms like Amazon,  iTunes, Google Play, VUDU, YouTube etc.!  In July 2020, Mike directed his second feature film A House Divided, which is a political drama promoting Conservative values.  The film is available on Amazon

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"I was quite shocked to find that this was the first feature to be directed by Boss, whose only previous effort behind the camera was the 2015 short Inimicus. Remarkably, he shows a deft skill for a first-timer in setting up shock pay-off scenes and editing the pace just right as to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. Checking his resume, it seems Boss has somewhat of a keen interest in the study of moral code dilemmas. The Inimicus short, by description, deals with a woman presented with an opportunity to kill her rapist and her brother’s pleas to spare him. Once again, the back and forth between right and wrong. Which wins out in the battle for soul."




Nomination - Best Director - Gold Laurel
BRONZE WINNER - Best Feature Film First-
BRONZE WINNER - Best Feature Film First-
A House Divided - A Mega Maga Movie - Of

A HOUSE DIVIDED - A Mega Maga Movie  -  (2020)

When four couples get together for a 4th of July dinner party, things quickly get out of hand because of politics.  Many inconvenient truths are being exposed and the fight for Conservative values stands at the forefront.  You can watch this film on its official Website or on Amazon.

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ANONYMOUS 616  -  (2018)

Anonymous 616 is a micro-budget ($27k), psychological thriller/horror film about a reunion between two couples that becomes a massacre when one of the guests meets an anonymous person online and willingly becomes a participant on a bloody path to becoming God-like.  This is Mike's feature film directorial debut.  The film is available on most digital platforms including on Amazon.

INIMICUS  -  (2015)

Inimicus, which means "Personal Enemy", is a 12-minute short film about a woman who is determined to shoot her rapist and must decide between acting on her feelings of revenge or acting on her brother’s plea to spare his life.   This short film was produced for $2.5k and was written and directed by Mike.  Watch here. 

THE DREAMERS  -  (2008)

The Dreamers is a feature-length documentary about Mike, a regular Swiss guy who decided to pack up his suitcase and move to Los Angeles in order to become an actor in Hollywood.  The documentary was put together from real life footage that was compiled during Mike's first ten years in California following his dreams.  Check out this inspiring, no-budget documentary here.

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