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Mike Boss

11-Times Optioned



"Mike specializes in telling stories of normal people who get into sequences of highly emotional, tragic, or turbulent events that test the strength of their beliefs, their integrity and the depth of their desires.  Mike’s goal is to take the audience on an emotional and intellectual journey to be entertained, moved, inspired and changed with a degree of enlightenment."

*  *  *

Oscar-winning Producer, Kieth Merrill says:

"As a producer I get inundated with queries, but the link to your own site and classy presentation of your material is impressive and appreciated. Just wanted you to know that you stand out in a crowd." 

*  *  *

Roman Wyden, Producer/CEO roster.LA says:

"Mike is a delight to work with! He understands the business and aims to fit the producer’s slate and mandate. He's open for notes and he meets the deadlines. Mike truly is a team player!"

*  *  *

Eric Canton, Principal at Canton Literary Management:

"Mike is an imaginative and prolific writer who loves his work and has the capacity to produce screenplays in many genres from thrillers and horror to romance and family. He is professional and brings to his work the added dimension of having lived part of his life abroad. In addition to his own work, he has been commissioned to write screenplays from novels and memoirs for diverse markets that include the faith-based community – truly a tribute to his artistry."

*  *  *

Chris Lang, Producer/Director Lifestreams Media, Inc.:

"Mike is a pleasure to work with.  He's attentive to concerns and committed to faithfully telling the story with a creative edge.  If you partner up with him, he won't disappoint."

*  *  *

Errol Sadler, Producer says:

"I really like all your projects. Some of them have the dynamics of what I believe to be milestone pieces.  You are one helluva writer!"

*  *  *

Gerold Wunstel, Actor/Writer/Producer says:

"Wow, I just finished your script last night at 5:00 AM. You are a damned good screen-writer, did you know that?"

*  *  *

Kelli Lerner, Casting Director says:

"I just finished reading your script. My plan was to read a little bit each night but I couldn't put it down. This script is unlike any other I have ever read before."

*  *  *

Peter Fuhrman, Cinematographer/Producer says:

"Mike demonstrates a fluency with story and character development. He captures the human condition with a cerebral and spiritual angle that is often unique and shocking."  

*  *  *

Jessica Boss, Actress/Producer says:

"Mike is an incredibly talented writer like nobody else!  He has the ability to create compelling, original, ready to film stories and can write them very quickly, sometimes in a matter of weeks.  He has also re-written a couple of full length features for me and I'm always amazed at how he keeps exactly my vision, but makes the whole story tighter, more engaging and overall better!"  

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