ABOUT - Medium Version

Mike was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1970. - He and his older brother Stefan were toddlers when their Swiss parents moved back to Switzerland where they settled down on a farm in the Canton Baselland.

Mike was a multi-talented athlete and, at the age of sixteen, he was a five-time medal winner in gymnastics and track & field before he started 20 years of weight training.

Mike graduated from high school and earned a diploma in civil engineering design in 1990. - The pessimistic environment of this job made him increasingly unhappy and, as a result, he became depressed because of the seeming futility of his life.

Searching for happiness, Mike abandoned his architectural career and started living "outside the box." - Soon thereafter, Mike became one of the most photographed Swiss body-models, before he decided to follow his new dream of becoming an actor in Hollywood. - Mike moved to the United States in 1995, studied the English language, learned the craft of acting, acquired skills in screenwriting and learned about the business, the country and life in general.

Mike became co-founder of a small production company, which developed several screenplays and the reality TV show concept "Hollywood Dreams," which was optioned by Paramount Television in 1998.

On June 23, 2005 Mike was proud to become a U.S. Citizen.

During the first ten years, Mike has not only had leading roles in theater plays and small parts in independent films, but he also started writing and producing his own projects.

What Mike has learned on his pursuit of happiness is summed up in his inspiring, no-budget documentary film The Dreamers, which puts forth the philosophy that following one's dream is a stairway to heaven.

Mike discovers his God-given talent and passion for writing and soon changes his career from acting to screenwriting, which he is still pursuing to this day. - By now Mike has written several short films and about twenty feature screenplays.


To this day, Mike got optioned eleven times, signed four shopping agreements, got nominated for "Best Screenplay" at the 168 Film Festival, won first place in a screenplay contest and wrote, produced and directed a short film entitled Inimicus with his wife playing the lead part.

Two years later (March 2017), Mike wrote, produced and directed his first, micro-budget feature film titled, Anonymous 616 (Psychological thriller/horror). - This could be the beginning of Mike's journey as a director for many of his feature screenplays...

In July 2020 Mike directed his second feature film A HOUSE DIVIDED, which is a political drama that promotes Conservative values.