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HALLO HOLLYWOOD - First Swiss Webseries (2009)


Webseries / Reality show

Comedy / Drama

03' 09" - 08' 31"

Released in 2009

English & Swiss-German

Yangzom Brauen

Michael Freund

Roman Wyden

Mike Boss

Mike Boss

Yangzom Brauen

Roman Wyden

Philippe Huber

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Swiss Celebrity, YANGZOM BRAUEN, posts an online casting and encourages young Swiss who dream of becoming movie stars in Hollywood to apply.  After getting hundreds of submissions, Yangzom chooses her six favorite Swiss:


#1 – JANELLE (20s)  —  A blond bombshell who wants to use her sex appeal to further her career.

#2 – DANIEL (20s)  —  An energetic boxer who is determined to muscle his way to success.

#3 – PATRICK (20s)  —  A narcissist who believes that his looks alone will make him a Hollywood star.

#4 – ATHENA (20s)  —  An ugly duckling who dreams of one day winning an Oscar.

#5 – CHRISTINE (20s)  —  A party girl who seems confused about her true sexuality.

#6 – RENE (30)  —  A car mechanic and Bruce Willis look-alike with a knack for comedy.


The six dreamers arrive at the airport in Los Angeles and are surprised as a limousine picks them up.  As they arrive at their new home, they realize that their house isn’t some Beverly Hills mansion, but rather a modest house.  The different personalities quickly come to surface.


The next day the six Swiss are in for another surprise when “Real World” meets “Real Hollywood.”  Yangzom breaks the news: Only rent is paid, everything else, like food, head shots and acting class must be earned by the dreamers themselves.  Some of the wannabe stars are pissed, but Yangzom provides an option for the Swiss to make some money; everybody gets a “Flip” camera and is encouraged to capture their journey on video.  For every second that is being used in the reality show, they will get $10.00.


The stage is set and the Swiss start exploring Hollywood trying to find their own way to success.  The first season includes everything from rude awakenings in acting class to embarrassing castings to Hollywood parties with celebrities and ends with a trip to Las Vegas where the six get lost and stuck in the desert.

Episodes (21)

EPISODE 1 The Concept


Yangzom Brauen introduces the concept and picks the first two Swiss candidates: JANELLE (The blond bombshell) and DANIEL (The aggressive boxer)

EPISODE 2Patrick & Athena


Yangzom picks the next two Swiss: PATRICK (The narcissist / Playboy) and ATHENA (The ugly duckling).

EPISODE 3Six Dreamers


Yangzom picks the last two Swiss: CHRISTINE (Often compared to Swiss star Melanie Winiger) and RENE (The funny auto mechanic from Wallies).

EPISODE 4The Arrival


The six Dreamers arrive in Los Angeles and are surprised as a limousine picks them up.  As they arrive they realize that their house isn’t some Beverly Hills mansion, but rather a ‘modest’ house,.  The different personalities quickly come to surface.

EPISODE 5The First Night


Although the house comes with a pool, Jacuzzi and billiard room, some of the Swiss aren’t happy about sharing the room with two other people.

EPISODE 6 Good and Bad News


Yangzom tells the six Swiss that they can live at the house for free, but they need to make their own money for everything else.  Rene & Christine are pissed!

EPISODE 7Flip Camera


Yangzom provides an option for the Swiss to make some money.  Everybody gets a Flip Camera and is encouraged to capture their journey on video.  For every second that is being used in the show, they will get $10.00.

EPISODE 8Hollywood


The Swiss start filming as they embark on their first Hollywood tour.  Rene meets Victor Jacobo in downtown.

EPISODE 9Aggressions


Living in such a small place soon sparks the first aggressions.   Janelle has money problems, Patrick gets endless phone calls from his ex and the group makes fun of Athena.



A day on the beach.  Patrick’s former girlfriend keeps calling.  Janelle needs a pep talk, Daniel delivers.

EPISODE 11Hollywood Party - Part 1


The group’s first Hollywood Party.  Yangzom makes it clear that the party is meant for Networking and not for getting drunk.   Athena meets ex-Miss Switzerland, Nadine Vinzent, Daniel gets a dose of reality and Christine gets drunk.

EPISODE 12Hollywood Party - Part 2


The party continues.  Rene meets soccer star Raphael Vicky, Daniel gets offered a job as a dishwasher, Patrick makes out with Yangzom, Janelle makes connections and Christine throws up.

EPISODE 13Photo Shoot


The Swiss reflect on last night’s Hollywood Party.  Janelle gets a job as baby sitter and Christine tries to make money as a dog walker.   The girls meet a photographer in a studio, while the men meet their photographer in downtown.

EPISODE 14Headshots


The headshot sessions are in full swing until the photographer gets frisky with Janelle.  Athena calls Daniel who abruptly ends the session.  Christine and Athena fantasize about the Oscars.

EPISODE 15Breakdown


Daniel at work, washing dishes.  Christine confronts Janelle about the photographer incident, a fight breaks out.   Athena has an emotional breakdown.

EPISODE 16Acting Class


A cop shows up and instructs Janelle to put on a top.  The Swiss attend their first acting class where aggressions and tears take over.  Athena is missing because a bee stung her.

EPISODE 17Casting


The girls attend their first casting, Patrick has a date with unintended consequences, and Athena catches Daniel naked in the pool.

EPISODE 18Criticism


Patrick buys a shabby car.  The group enjoys a Swiss fondue, but the mood soon changes when Yangzom arrives with heavy criticism in regard to their headshots.   Janelle gets offered a part in a film…in Las Vegas.

EPISODE 19Stunt-woman


The group visits Swiss Stunt-woman, Simone Bargetze.  The group decides to accompany Janelle on her trip to Vegas.  Yangzom organizes a big RV.

EPISODE 20Vegas, Baby - Part 1


The girls learn that the Swedish actress got the part for the Swiss character.  Patrick discovers a sex tape of him and his last date.  The group leaves to Las Vegas.

EPISODE 21Vegas, Baby - Part 2


Ten weeks have passed, Yangzom reflects on each of the six Swiss, while they drive to Vegas.  The RV breaks down and the group is stuck in the desert, without cell phone reception.  Janelle walks off and gets picked up by a stranger.


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